Looking for experienced and skilled bathroom remodeling experts in your area? Hope Mechanical provides full-service bathroom remodeling for homeowners throughout Allentown, PA and surrounding communities. We will take the time to address your needs and are happy to accommodate any special requests to help you get the results you deserve.

Call now to discuss your needs and let our Allentown, PA bathroom remodeling professionals provide the quality solutions you need!

Replace Fixtures and Supply Lines With Help From Our Allentown Bathroom Remodeling Experts

We have all of your bathroom remodeling needs covered, including replacing old supply lines and fixtures. We supply and install:

  • New showers

  • Sinks and faucets

  • Showerheads and shower valves

  • Tub faucets for shower/tub combos

  • Supply lines for sinks and showers

Our Allentown bathroom remodelers can help you install the products of your choice, including low-flow showerheads, dual-flush toilets, and more. We will also check your existing supply lines to look for potential issues and help you resolve them before new fixtures are added.

Serving the Full Bathroom Remodeling Needs of Allentown, Pennsylvania

Our bathroom remodeling services aren’t limited to fixture or supply line replacements. We can also help with more complex jobs, and often help customers complete jobs that other contractors have walked away from.

Some of the larger bathroom remodeling jobs we handle include: relocating plumbing fixtures to a different wall or room, rerouting existing drain lines, and providing plumbing rough-ins for home additions. Our team will handle the necessary permits and ensure that the work carried out complies with local building code.

Call Our Allentown Bathroom Remodelers Today

At Hope Mechanical we are committed to helping our customers find smart and accurate solutions to their plumbing needs. Whether you simply need to replace an outdated toilet or your bathroom remodeling project requires more complex plumbing work, our team will listen to your needs and help you complete the job safely and efficiently.

Contact us today to schedule an estimate for professional bathroom remodeling services in Allentown, PA or the surrounding area.

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