Looking for a plumbing professional to help install your new garbage disposal? Call our experts at Hope Mechanical for the quality service you deserve. We will take the time to discuss your needs or any concerns you may have, and ensure that your new system is installed safely and efficiently.

Contact us today to request an estimate for garbage disposal installation or replacement in Allentown, PA or the surrounding area.

Enjoy Peace of Mind With Professional Garbage Disposal Installation From Our Allentown Plumbers

Take the guesswork out of garbage disposal installation or replacement by working with a skilled and experienced Allentown plumbing professional. The team at Hope Mechanical will make sure your plumbing and electrical systems are able to safely accommodate your garbage disposal. We will discuss the installation requirements as well as alert you to potential issues that need addressing before installation can take place.

If you are adding a garbage disposal to an older home, you may need to make additional plumbing and electrical upgrades. For homeowners with septic tanks, you will also need to install a garbage disposal that is specifically designed to be safe on septic systems.

Garbage Disposal Options for Your Allentown Home

We can help you install continuous feed and batch feed garbage disposals. Most homeowners choose continuous feed systems for convenience and price.

For homeowners who are looking for added safety, less noise, and relatively easier installation, you may want to consider batch feed garbage disposals.

No matter which type of garbage disposal you want to install for your home, our experts are here to help. We will go over the installation process and requirements beforehand to make sure you know what to expect and provide hassle-free installation or replacement from start to finish.

Having the proper backflow prevention assembly installed will help you avoid an emergency situation and help keep our community’s drinking water supply safe from potential cross connections and backpressure or backsiphonage.

Schedule Garbage Disposal Installation in Allentown Today

At Hope Mechanical our experts are committed to providing smart, long-term plumbing solutions. Whether you are looking to install or replace your garbage disposal, or you need help with another plumbing job, you can count on our team for honest assessments and the quality results you deserve. We continue to stay up to date on the latest products and trends in plumbing to better serve our customers and offer the most accurate solutions.

Start using your new garbage disposal without hassle. Call now to schedule professional garbage disposal installation or replacement in Allentown, PA.

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