Gas Furnace Services

Installation & Repair in Allentown, PA


Got a gas furnace that can’t keep the heat coming? Tired of those unusually high heating bills? Then it’s time to give Allentown’s most trusted HVAC & Plumbing company a call!

At Hope Mechanical, we offer a wide range of gas furnace services including installation, maintenance, repair and replacement. Our certified technicians are gas furnace experts and have the know-how to get your furnace back up and running in no time. We even offer around-the-clock service so you never have to worry about your gas furnace leaving you in the cold.

Gas Furnace

Call Us When your Furnace is…

Making loud and/or strange noises
Emitting strange odors
Running continually
Poor heat circulation
Unusually high energy bills
Startup issues
Tripped breaker

Plumbing is easy, all you need is Hope. Schedule your free estimate online or by calling us at 610-904-8002 today!

Services We Offer

Gas furnace installation
Gas furnace maintenance
Gas furnace repair
Gas furnace replacement

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