Suspect a pinhole leak in your home? Older homes can hide damaged or deteriorating supply lines that will require replacement as soon as possible. 

If you are looking for a trusted plumber to handle leak detection and provide the honest solutions you need, call our experts at Hope Mechanical–we help homeowners throughout the Allentown, PA area carry out non invasive leak detection and repair.

Unlike clogs or other more obvious plumbing problems, leaking supply lines are difficult to notice right away. You may not know you have a leak until several days or weeks later. Don’t hesitate to contact our experts as soon as you notice the warning signs of a leak.

Avoid further problems with fast and accurate leak detection from Hope Mechanical. Call now to schedule non invasive leak detection services in Allentown, PA or the surrounding area.

Signs Your Allentown Home Needs Leak Detection Services

Telltale signs of hidden leaks include:

  • Water meter running nonstop

  • Bubbling wallpaper

  • Mold or water stains on your ceiling or walls

  • Constant sound of water running through your pipes

  • Spikes in your water bill that can’t be accounted for

Don’t hesitate to contact our experts at Hope Mechanical for professional leak detection in Allentown or surrounding areas. We are committed to providing quick turnarounds and helping our customers find long-term solutions no matter the problem.

Early Leak Detection Can Help You Avoid Emergencies and Save Money

While a small leak may not seem urgent, it’s important to have the leak identified and resolved as soon as you can. Having even a minor leak signals deteriorating pipes and will drive up your water bill. Our trusted Allentown, PA leak detection professionals can help you get the problem resolved safely and efficiently, so you can avoid mold growth, rising water bills, and unexpected plumbing emergencies.

Get Accurate Results With Noninvasive Leak Detection in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Our leak detection services involve noninvasive technology that won’t disrupt your home during the initial inspection process. We will use acoustic leak detectors paired with infrared equipment to provide greater accuracy.

Once the leak has been confirmed, we will discuss the extent of the problem and explain your options for pipe repair or replacement. If the leak is confined to one section, we can have the damaged pipe replaced without disturbing other areas of your home. But if you have older supply lines affected by damage or leaking in multiple areas, we may recommend a whole-home repipe. Our team will always take the time to go over your options and make sure you receive the solution that works best for your home.

Enjoy greater peace of mind with accurate solutions from Hope Mechanical. Contact us today to book an appointment with our Allentown, PA leak detection experts.

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