Water Filtration & Softenrs

Installation & Repair in Allentown, PA

Clear Water for a Healthier Home.

When it comes to water filtration and softener installation and repair services, there is no better choice than Hope Mechanical. We are highly experienced and knowledgeable in water filtration solutions that protect your plumbing system and help make your water purer, softer, and healthier.

With our free consultation, our team of experts will assess the water quality at your residence in order to identify the best water filtration and softener system for your home. Not only will we install the latest water filtration technology for you, but we’ll also maintain your system long after installation.

What’s Included?

Water filtration systems installed by us include:

Water Conditioners
Water Softners
Reverse Osmosis Systems
Dual-function Filtration
Electronic Descalers
Alkaline Filters

Enjoy clean drinking water and keep your plumbing scale-free with a water filtration system installed by Hope Mechanical. Plumbing is easy, all you need is Hope — call 610-904-8002 to schedule your free consultation today.


Better tasing water
Longer lasting appliances
No stains in your sinks or toilets
Scale-free plumbing

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